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Want to purchase a restaurant or premises for a store, but afraid to take risks? Contact INVESTMENT-ESTATE.COM – the multi-purpose agency for real estate transactions in Kharkiv. We will help to sell and buy a ready business from the owner quickly and legal in any region of Ukraine. The staff of highly qualified pros offering an individual approach for each client is available for you.


Buying and selling a ready-made business in Kharkiv


It is not necessary to start from scratch to become the part of the business market of Ukraine. Individual business activity will develop much faster if you buy a ready-made business. This solution is suitable not only for aspiring entrepreneurs but also for investors and experienced businessmen wishing to expand the target audience by strengthening market positions.


Those who decided to buy operating business will be interested in the benefits of such a transaction:

  1. you immediately start to make a profit;
  2. you own an already recognizable brand and an established client base;
  3. contacts with suppliers, delivery services, partners are already established;
  4. a ready accounting, tax, and legal documentation are available.


How to properly sell and buy an operating business?


Do not hurry with the conclusion of the transaction when reading the "sell ready business" ad. Firms are often being sold because of an upcoming bankruptcy. So, before the purchase, you need to enlist the help of an independent appraiser within the INVESTMENT-ESTATE.COM company.


Our experts are able to estimate all the details of the chosen firm sale:

  • cost;
  • a list of existing equipment and inventory;
  • pending transactions;
  • debt obligations, including lending and loans;
  • technical condition of vehicles and availability of registration;
  • official website;
  • the order and intensity of cooperation with suppliers and contractors, etc.


If you wish, we may conduct Due Diligence audit which will reveal the investment value of the operating firm being sold. The procedure gives a holistic view of financial and legal risks when making the purchase of an existing business.

will sell business
Best Price
03.02.2020 Sale, Current business Kharkiv city, Osnovjanskiy

Rental business Selling Office space, 6-8 floors, in a-class office center In In a modern 9-storey building, reconstruction in 2006, located on Gagarin Avenue - the main thoro...

600 000 $ Lot № 160
01.03.2018 Sale, Current business Kharkiv city, Nemyshlyansky

Commercial property for sale - sports complex, gym, fitness Non-residential premises 180 sq. sq. m, located in the basement of a 9-storey brick house, built in 2007, represent operating bu...

63 000 $ Lot № 140
to buy office
Best Price
13.09.2017 Sale, Current business Kharkiv city, Nemyshlyansky

Selling commercial premises, office, gym, warehouse Room office service center, Kamyshlinsky district, St. Olympic, New Homes Location object – a housing estate with New Homes, chara...

85 000 $ Lot № 130
коммерческая недвижимость
Best Price
22.06.2017 Sale, Current business Kharkiv city, Shevchenkovsky

Existing business, selling an office building with tenants Modern 2-storey buildingarea of 478 square meters (including basement sumps, which is fully used for commercial activity), detach...

450 000 $ Lot № 114
22.06.2017 Sale, Current business Kharkiv city, Osnovjanskiy

Deistvui business. Beauty salon. Sale. Kharkov. Operating business, a beauty salon class "Lux", 9 years of existence, developed regular client base, qualified personnel, fully equipped. Go...

150 000 $ Lot № 109


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