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Sooner or later, every commercial and industrial enterprise comes to the need to purchase a warehouse where existing products can be stored/dispensed. We offer you to clarify immediately what nuances suppose buying and selling a warehouse and what storage property which you can buy in Kharkiv can be.


Who benefits from buying room for storage


In practice, large- and medium-sized companies are more interested in buying and selling warehouses. Presence of own industrial facilities, a large turnover of purchases and sales implies the need to buy the warehouse where it is convenient to organize the storage/management of existing products.

However, every company is interested in a good planning of budget expenditures, including maintenance storage and management. Therefore, before a firm decides to buy the room for storage, it must determine what type of premises will be optimal.


Which warehouse is needed


Depending on the scope of activities a business entity may:

  1. Buy a cheap warehouse of a small size that matches the format of the company.

  2. Rent warehouse complex, which the budget does not allow to buy.


In turn, as in the first and in the second case, the final cost will depend on such criteria as:

  • target,

  • size,

  • design,

  • location,

  • staffing etc.


Therefore, the sale of detached buildings and premises for storage implies a need to focus on the conventional classification of the warehouse types and classes. It is designed according to the infrastructural development, technical characteristics, spectrum of services.


Standard types of warehouses


  1. The "A" class — a special complex created exclusively for conducting warehouse activities. This can be specially organized territory, where the possibility of selection of spaces adapted for specific types of products is supposed.

  2. The "B" class — multi-storied warehouse building the sale of premises in which is targeted at buyers that pay attention to the ceiling height, the presence of freight elevators, automatic gates, fire suppression system and other equipment.

  3. The "C" Class — spaces converted for warehouses. Often, they were originally intended for workshop enterprises, the organization of depots, hangars, etc.

  4. The "D" class — detached, not heated and not safeguarded buildings, garages, and basements. They can be used for the storage of goods that do not react to the external environmental conditions.


Better buy a warehouse through


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16.06.2017 Sale, Warehouse Kharkiv city, Osnovjanskiy

The complex of buildings. Production, warehouse, sales Offered for sale is the object warehouse, a total area of 9171.5 square meters, located in Kharkiv, Osnovyansko district, St Dragomir...

1 500 000 $ Lot № 105


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