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One of the most popular services in the market of the commercial real estate is leasing and selling of offices. Usually, for a businessman, it is important only to find an appropriate location to ensure the work of the firm.

If the firm is engaged in wholesale trade or manufacturing activities its owners are also looking for options where to buy a warehouse in direct vicinity to the office. But there is a completely different segment of entrepreneurship, which is very popular in the cities, a public catering. In such case, it is necessary to rent or buy a restaurant in a busy area.


Secure transactions and sales of restaurants – how not to get lost in the dozens of proposals?


If you want to do business in the popular and profitable food service field and profitably buy a bar, a pub, a restaurant, you will not accept "any" offer of selling commercial property.

For the successful operation of such business, premises for a restaurant or any other establishment of this type should be in a favorable place – the first floor, preferably "red line" so that the target audience notice you immediately.


Where to gainfully buy a coffee shop in Kharkiv?


If you are interested in buying or selling a cafe, want to buy a coffee shop or any other commercial entity, then the information on my website Investment-estate will be useful for you.

I, Elena Us, am an experienced professional in the field of real estate, consultant, broker and representative of the interests of owners of commercial properties. If you are choosing the room for a cafe, I'm always ready to help you in this difficult task and propose the most suitable variants for your business.

In the catalog on the website, there are two main sections of offerings for those who want to rent or buy a cafe, as well as any other commercial orientation premises.


Areas of work:

  • Commercial land plots.
  • Operating business.
  • Office buildings, rooms, business centers.
  • Commercial catering facilities (rent or sale of bars, coffee shops, etc.).
  • Entertainment objects.
  • Sanitary-resort property.


Premises for a cafe - cost in Kharkiv


For those who are going to buy the room for the bar in the first capital of the country – Kharkiv, it is very important to be aware of relevant information on the real estate market.

By using the Investment-estate site-catalog, you will be able not only to buy a restaurant or space for a cafe, but you will always know the price and the current market situation.

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Best Price
10.02.2020 Sale, Restaurant / Café Kharkiv city, Kievsky

Will sell the cafe in Kharkiv The cafe is located inside a large residential complex Internationalist, in a densely populated district of Saltovka district Krichevsky. The area is characte...

45 000 $ Lot № 162


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