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Within the virtual walls of the INVESTMENT-ESTATE company, efficient sale and purchase of a land plot for the organization of the production base are practicable. Also on the site, you will be able to cheaply rent the office by choosing from dozens of actual ads in Kharkiv and region. We will help you buy a factory in Ukraine without financial and legal risks!


Sale and purchase of production


Kharkiv is among the industrialized regions of the country. Numerous factories, plants, and workshops are located here. The abundance of industrial bases allows budding entrepreneurs to start on the market with minimal time expenditure. For this one need to choose and buy ready-made production in Kharkiv.


Such an option gives the future owner of the commercial property a number of tangible benefits:

  • the presence of state registration;

  • there is a ready license for industrial activities;

  • the ability to immediately start selling the finished product;

  • a complete documentation package;

  • the staff of approved employees.


However, the sale and purchase of industrial building may hide certain risks which only an experienced specialist of the INVESTMENT-ESTATE company can help to identify. A qualified consultant in the field of the commercial real estate will conduct an audit of the selected object and provide a detailed report on the profitability of the transaction.


How to buy production - cost and the possible risks


To sell industrial real estate, plant, enterprise, or factory smoothly, we need to consider the potential risks of the transaction:

  • possible loss;

  • the presence of non-competitive production of goods;

  • competitive environment;

  • employed low-skilled workers;

  • the mass dismissal of workers, triggered by the change of the owner;

  • the low business reputation of the product;

  • the presence of deteriorated equipment, etc.


Our experts will help you to buy production in Ukraine cheap, fast and legally. With the efforts of INVESTMENT-ESTATE, the sale of ready production, a plant, a factory will be performed given the results of a detailed audit of the reasons for the sale, lease terms and business reputation investigate. We will check the documentation and perform the inventory of industrial equipment.

10.06.2019 Sale, Production Kharkiv city, Osnovjanskiy

Selling industrial-warehouse real estate The total area of buildings and structures 9172 sqm, located in Osnovaniyam area of Kharkov, on the street Dragomirovskaya, the middle suburbs. ...

1 500 000 $ Lot № 157


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