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One of the most popular trends in real estate in Kharkiv is the sale of offices. What the seller should consider and how the buyer should behave will be discussed further.


Buying office space is a practical solution


When the office is needed for own businesses organization and establishment of the official firm, buying the room will be the surest way out of the situation. Firstly, because it is a direct investment of capital funds, which in the future can be returned "with interest". Secondly, there is no need to think about paying the lessor each month in addition to utility bills.


Real estate for offices — types


Nominally office property is divided into two types:

  1. shell & core room,

  2. a rehabbed room (the exception would be the purchase of premises for warehouse).

The first variant is suitable for those who want to buy an office cheaply and are absolutely not in a hurry to turn it in. Because, first of all, it is necessary to carry out repairing and finishing works to create the appropriate interior.


In the second case, the office which should bring benefit to the seller is evaluated by two criteria:

  • according to the classification of the room (VIP, classic, business, budget),

  • by the quality of repair,

  • by location (in a business center or a detached building).


These aspects directly affect the cost of office space (Kharkiv). However, it should be adequate, otherwise, buyers will simply look for more attractive variants.


The nuances of office space sales


Sale of commercial office spaces involves a number of features that must be considered both from the point of view of the seller and the buyer. So:


For the buyer:

  • he wants to buy an office which price would meet his interests consisting in budget savings;

  • the integrity of the transaction and the correctness of the documentation is of great importance.


For the seller:

  • for him, it is important to sell the property with the maximum benefit, so basically, the target audience willing to buy cheap office will be set aside to the "end of queue";

  • the seller is interested in the legality of the transaction, accordingly, he will look for a reliable mediator represented by a profile real estate Agency.


Thus, both parties want to be confident in the successful outcome of the case. Therefore, it is needed to perform it through a specialized firm only.


Sale/purchase of office space without risks


The seller can sell a commercial property in two ways:

  1. Place an ad like "office space for sale" on appropriate resources.

  2. Contact the Agency.

The second option is much more reliable because the direct responsibility of the Agency is to guarantee the integrity and transparency of the transaction.

The same can be said about those who want to buy an office space. Therefore, the ideal option is to go to our portal, which contains relevant information on a commercial real estate in Kharkiv.

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