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With our company, you can buy a detached building to accommodate your production, office, warehouse, firm, reception center, shops, the point of sales, cafe, or restaurant. The sale of the building in Kharkiv is a complicated matter. The client is offered the property located in different parts of the city, both in the center and in the suburb.




Usually, customers wish to buy a building with a mass of desires on:

  • year of design, the material of construction;

  • the useful area and the size of the territory;

  • technical condition;

  • the need for repairing works;

  • the number of residents in nearby areas and infrastructure development;

  • transport accessibility and remoteness from the metro;

  • the availability of all utilities, including security systems;

  • completeness;

  • utility;

  • the term of the land lease agreement.


Sale of premises and spaces for production


In order to buy the production, fewer claims are required. On the contrary, traders are willing to buy a building for manufacturing on the outskirts with fewer requirements on the level of noise and proximity to residential areas.

The only requirement for the sale of non-residential buildings to conduct activities on the production of paving tiles, foam construction materials, film polyethylene, is the availability of good access roads and suitable facilities.

We can offer some variants of the sale of detached buildings for production with different ceilings height and various original ideas.


Where can one buy a detached building for trade and daily graft?


Selling detached buildings for trade, services, sports and cultural clubs has requirements to the number of residents in the neighborhood, transport links, the general appearance of the building and area. In terms of the sale of buildings for a training center, distance to the metro and public transport stops is also considered.


With our company, you can buy the building which will be redeveloped for a medical center, an independent laboratory, beauty parlor, Barbershop, exhibition hall, service center. For those entrepreneurs and companies that wish to purchase a Shopping and Entertainment center, we have several appropriate variants.


Food and light industry


Purchase/sale of the building for confectionery, food processing, garment production has more requirements for the room, its quadrature, the presence of a proper ventilation, sewage treatment facilities, quality of road surface.

11.03.2019 Sale, Separate building Kharkiv city, Novobavarsky

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850 000 $ Lot № 153
building for sale in Kharkiv
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24.04.2018 Sale, Separate building Kharkiv city, Shevchenkovsky

Selling detached building in the center of Kharkov A detached building, Shevchenkivskyi district, equidistant from highways Sumskaya, Klochkovskaya str., located in Rymarskaya street. The ...

1 000 000 $ Lot № 142
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08.11.2017 Sale, Separate building Kharkiv city, Kholodnogorsky

The sale of the building under renovation in Kharkiv. Sold by the former administrative building, Holodnogorsko district, metro South station, Lozovskaya str. (facade on Bolshaya Born form...

900 000 $ Lot № 138
28.07.2017 Sale, Separate building Kharkiv city, Kievsky

A building for Bank, office, medical center. Selling For sale 2-storey, detached building, commissioning 1998, with a dedicated land plot of 0.06 hectares (private property), administrativ...

700 000 $ Lot № 125
21.06.2017 Sale, Separate building Kharkiv city, Osnovjanskiy

Sale. Building. Kharkov. Detached building is located on a plot of 0.63 ha area of 1814 m2, Osnovyansko district (former chervonozavodsky), Moscow Avenue, centre, Kiev. The building ...

1 500 000 $ Lot № 116


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