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Those who are interested and want to buy commercial property in Kharkiv risk-free and legally, will be interested in the information provided in this article.


How a business starts

It is good when there is an opportunity to buy a ready-made business with all the accompanying facilities and commercial premises at once. In such cases, it remains only to establish production and make a profit.

Quite different is the situation when a business is just beginning to go beyond an established project. At this stage, it is reasonable, for example, to buy a shopping center to distribute power and establish a stable trade. However, it is necessary to know what the nuances can hide the sale of the commercial real estate, which is organized in Kharkiv.




Theoretically, in Kharkiv selling of real estate for any purpose is carried out according to the same scheme. In practice, however, the sale of non-residential premises is associated with a number of nuances, which consists in:

  • Correct evaluation of the object;
  • Preparation of advertising campaign;
  • Preparing the object and correspondent documentation;
  • Conclusion of a contractual agreement with the buyer;
  • Transaction itself.

The conclusion is clear — real estate selling is not that simple. And it is much better to engage for all this scope a dedicated expert able to find an honest buyer and convince him to buy the office space (Kharkiv) at the price profitable for the seller.


That's why is it better to work through the Agency


Currently, the offerings of the commercial real estate in the city come to information platforms in two ways:

  1. Directly from the owners who wish to sell the property as quickly as possible.
  2. From leading real estate companies.

Experience shows that a potential customer who is interested in real estate will rather prefer using professional agency than buying "hand in hand" from the owner for the selected object. That is motivated by the following:

  1. The commercial property (Kharkiv) offered to buy by today's market can have pitfalls, like:
  • inchoate additions, replannings,
  • the existence of restrictions (pledge, arrest, etc.)
  • the lack of privatization.

No one but the agent will be able to guarantee the honesty of the transaction in such situations.

  1. Only the agent acknowledged with this segment of the market knows what is the real price of real estate. Therefore, only he can tell you what should be the optimum price of commercial property so that it is sold within a period acceptable to the seller.


Best offers are already selected for you


If you need to buy real estate (Kharkiv), use the convenient service organized on the website Here the potential buyer will be able to find non-residential premises (Kharkiv) price of which meets his budget and buy the selected objects, without fearing to be deceived!

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Rental business Selling Office space, 6-8 floors, in a-class office center In In a modern 9-storey building, reconstruction in 2006, located on Gagarin Avenue - the main thoro...

600 000 $ Lot № 160
10.06.2019 Sale, Production Kharkiv city, Osnovjanskiy

Selling industrial-warehouse real estate The total area of buildings and structures 9172 sqm, located in Osnovaniyam area of Kharkov, on the street Dragomirovskaya, the middle suburbs. ...

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11.03.2019 Sale, Separate building Kharkiv city, Novobavarsky

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06.10.2017 Sale, Separate building Kharkiv city, Osnovjanskiy

BUILDING FOR SALE IN KHARKIV Location object – a housing estate Gagarin Ave., is characterized by the presence of houses business and economy class, a well-developed infrastructure ( super...

360 000 $ Lot № 134
07.09.2017 Sale, Office Kharkiv city, Kievsky

For sale 2-storey office building, a former Bank, 1998, p, with the land plot of 6 acres in the property. Offices located in the Kiev district, St. Civil. The district belongs to the prest...

700 000 $ Lot № 129
28.07.2017 Sale, Separate building Kharkiv city, Kievsky

A building for Bank, office, medical center. Selling For sale 2-storey, detached building, commissioning 1998, with a dedicated land plot of 0.06 hectares (private property), administrativ...

700 000 $ Lot № 125


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