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Opportunity to buy the business of commercial direction involves finding the space suitable for all criteria. The purchase is not always worthwhile. Often the rent of retail space is much more profitable because the sale price of real estate in Kharkiv can be overwhelming for the novice business project. And a number of other factors point at the favor of temporary rent.


Why is it better to rent commercial space than to buy it


Basically, the commercial rent is justified at the initial stage of promotion of the selected business activity. It allows choosing the location of the trading platform with the optimal flow of the target audience. If a trading space rent does not bring the expected profit on the selected point, then relocation to another place will fix the situation.

It is also motivated by customers interest. For example, rent in shopping centers brings more prospects for the owners of a commercial project than hire of outlets under the open sky in different parts of the city.

But the scale should also be considered. Perhaps, at first, the alternative will be a small-sized pavilion rent. A little later, when the format of the enterprise will increase, the rent of a space for a shop in a modern shopping center will be reasonable.

Anyway, the main thing is that the interior space accommodates the necessary equipment and allows to create comfort for visitors. The rent of retail premises with an area of not less than 40 sqm is considered optimum, and the presence of utility room is highly desirable.


The peculiarities of commercial facilities for rent


When the rent of the shopping center is considered, a potential user may deliberately be confident in the success of the further development of the business. Even despite the fact that the rent of the Mall is quite high, it will pay off quickly and allow you to get the deserved profit. However, when the funds allow only the pavilion (Kharkiv), rent can result in losses if the wrong object is selected.

Not to miscalculate and so that the rent of the small pavilion for a shop was justified by return on investment, a potential tenant needs to think about the convenience of the transport interchange. The badly available object will not be attractive to the buyer even with the ideal "price-quality" ratio of products sold. And the inconvenient location of the trading space will be unenviable for the staff also. In the end, the problems with the working staff will start.

The conclusion is clear — hired commercial real estate must work for profit. This can be achieved only through the proper approach and taking into account several features like:

  • location, visibility of the object, easy access,

  • the area and arrangement of the internal space,

  • the availability of appropriate communications,

  • the availability of storage facilities,

  • design, etc.

The last point is particularly significant when the rent is planned for a salon. In public places of this type where not goods but services are sold, high-quality design and style are a priority.


How to rent a commercial property without risk


In order the rent of a salon (Kharkiv), pavilion, shop etc. does not subsequently turn into a debt pit, it is necessary to establish cooperation with the owner, whose reputation is tested in practice. portal where the most relevant offers in the city are collected will help you to find a reliable partner.

16.06.2017 Rent, Shop / salon Kharkiv city, Shevchenkovsky

The rent of the building. Shopping center, supermarket. The area with high traffic flow, the red line, Central line, excellent transport accessibility. Distance to metro Nauchnaya - 506 m,...

14 000 $/month Lot № 106


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