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Interested in renting a house or renting an office in a business center? Are you busy looking for flexible office space with certain characteristics for his rent?

Consultant's services for tenants are a complex of necessary measures. This, of course, the expertise of the operating leases. A comparative financial analysis of objects from the point of view of their commercial properties, infrastructure and financial indicators of use for objective comparison of rental options. Also, the consultant is conducting preliminary negotiations with property owners for negotiation of commercial conditions.

To prevent problems between tenant and landlord of the disputed issue of rate of rent may engage an independent consultant. Its main task is determining the objective cost (rates) rental property and land, on the basis of serious analysis and comprehensive examination of the axiological characteristics of the evaluated object.


05.03.2019 Rent, Office Kharkiv city, Nemyshlyansky

Rent floor of the building Non-residential premises PL. 915 sq m located on Akademika Pavlova str (start), R-n 15 hospitals. The premises are located in 2 floors, with private entran...

3 000 $/month Lot № 152
Best Price
19.09.2018 Rent, Office Kharkiv city, Shevchenkovsky

Long term rental an office building For rent: detached, front, 3-storey building, 2009, p, in the Shevchenko district on the street Klochkovskaya (near the shutter Klochkova, former descen...

14 000 $/month Lot № 150


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