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Ukraine needs to develop a culture of consumption of facility services

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In Ukraine, more and more management companies and owners of commercial buildings give the solution of operational issues on outsourcing. And this is not surprising because in recent years, developers open new projects with areas of hundreds of thousands of square meters, and long time existing businesses in the real estate sector come to understand what a professional maintenance helps to not only effectively manage buildings, but also to maintain their attractiveness to investors. As during the construction boom behaves Ukrainian market of administrative outsourcing (facility management)? What are the characteristics, problems and prospects? On this and many other said Tatiana Davidovich, Director of the service company "INVITE."


How do You assess the segment of facility management in our country? What differences can You name between the markets of Europe and Ukraine?

Markets, of course, differ. These differences are dramatic and can be observed in everything: in the financial possibilities of its customers, their mentality, in the confidence of the new developments, technologies, etc. This does not mean that there is good and bad here. We just all different, and there are a number of very specific reasons. We do not tire of repeating that the fundamental difference of world and Ukrainian sectors of facility management – the culture of consumption of services. In some foreign markets she had long formed on the mental level, therefore, the degree of development of this segment there is much higher. Moreover, customers from Europe and America have long preference for an integrated approach in the operation and maintenance of buildings. We have,despite the fact that the domestic facility market in recent years is one of the most active periods, this development is in the context of each separate areas: cleaning, maintenance of engineering systems, security, catering, landscaping, administrative support, etc. abroad, the sector facility management regulates in clear and detailed legislative framework.

What problems from the point of view of legislative regulation of domestic industry was facing facility?

The concept of facility management in Ukraine today is no surprise. All owners of real estate and management companies know this industry, understand its benefits and the challenges it seeks to address. Domestic players, who stood at the origin of the Ukrainian facility market, continue to work and develop. But this development would be much more active and more successful, if in our country at the legislative level has been spelled out and clearly formed the following concepts: facility management as an industry and facility manager as a qualified specialist with a very clear skills and knowledge. We have a number of Standards governing the issues of technical maintenance of engineering equipment: requirements for personnel training, the construction of such systems, also developed by the mass of regulatory and licensing requirements. However, in terms of cleaning, the situation is much more complicated. In Ukrainian legislation there is no concept of "cleaning" and "cleaners". According to the same classifier only have cleaners, who are among the simple occupations and have the lowest professional level. And there are plenty of examples. All these legal conflicts eventually lead to the fact that facility-company for quality services themselves train staff.


Did in Ukraine vocational education in this type of business?

Strange, but still there. In Ukraine there are no Universities that would prepare managerial and service personnel for the segment of facility management. We do train our employees. Periodically our technicians are trained abroad, and then they and our internal coaches teach administrative and service personnel. All of our programs are designed to not only train staff in technology – the structure of the training allows us to educate their professionals. With the help of coaching programmes for a certain period, we can observe how they use in practice the acquired knowledge, develop the skills. At the same time without difficulties, of course, is not complete. Due to the lack of legal regulation outside of the company such employees are representatives of the simplest professions, are not skilled and have in fact the lowest level. Therefore, the modification and Supplement of the labor legislation in our market is vital.


However, these problems do not interfere with the company to be among the industry leaders, to develop the business. Tell us what objects are in the service "INVITE", what segment of customers?

At the moment we serve a pretty broad segment, a number of customers. At the time, we dabbled on the objects of commercial real estate. Now in Ukraine, in comparison with our competitors, the highest number of shopping center/Mall located in our client portfolio.

Parallel to expanding the list of serviced retail chains, is actively working with business centers, we have the perfect cases multi-year partnerships with a number of objects of class A. Starting in 2012, we actively manifested itself in the maintenance of transport infrastructure, and with the launch of the e-procurement system began to work closely with the state segment. More than two years actively working with industrial enterprises and banks. Last year we discovered a completely new part of the operational processes in the direction of maintenance of rolling stock high-speed trains. Individual segments we do not limit ourselves, because we know that all objects need a high-quality service, and we know where and how can I be useful to them. The company "INVITE" works in more than 130 cities in 22 regions of Ukraine, and stop at the same time, we are not going to. At the end of 2018, total area, served daily objects we exceeded two million m2.


What are the requirements customers to the service provider in the field of facility management?

All requirements in the majority are reduced to the provision of quality services. For us quality is not only well-washed floors, cleaned on time air conditioning system or the manicured plants in the office and on site. It is also a constant communication with the customer, rapid response to requests and suggestions, and more. Moreover, providing a high level of service, we build customer confidence in the industry as a whole, create "taste" the culture of consumption of facility services. But our customers must understand that a quality product or service has its value, is understandable and justified. As soon as the service companies will start to build the business, focusing on value of the offer, customers will start to look at us with different eyes and to trust more. It then starts a new phase of prosperity of the domestic industry facility.


How quality facility management contributes to the increase or decrease in the profitability of the facility?

Quality facility management is clearly related not only to increase profitability of the object, but also its investment attractiveness. Properly maintain engineering systems, a clear schedule conducted technical inspection allow to prolong terms of operation. With a competent observance of technology, selection of chemicals, equipment and accessories can extend the use of elements and materials: tile, carpet, flooring, furniture, etc. Reduce costs – increase profitability, because operating costs of each building ranged from 30% to 50% of all costs. But if the property is effectively managed, for potential investors, it becomes more interesting.


In view of the importance of quality facility services for every property, what are the prospects of development of Ukrainian market in this area, You see?

Domestic facility industry huge potential for development. There are several reasons: first boom in market development, second, we can successfully introduce in Ukraine all is already implemented and used effectively abroad. For any customer innovation interesting and relevant. We actively advocated exactly the type of comprehensive service, and constantly offer it to the client, because it is profitable first and foremost for him. It is not sprayed for control of dozens of contractor companies have no objective each individual unit, and focuses on their business processes. But we need to break the stereotypes associated with the nature of our business, shaping the culture of consumption of services for operation and maintenance of the property, increasing the prestige and importance of working professions. Sure, solving these problems will open up many new opportunities and prospects for Ukrainian facility industry.



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