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Live Japanese in their mini apartments with an area from 6 "squares"

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Despite the fact that Japan is one of the most developed countries, to cope with a catastrophic shortage of housing it is becoming increasingly difficult. The congestion of Metropolitan areas, the shortage of available land, seismic instability makes the market of real estate one of the most expensive in the world. For this reason, the apartments and homes of Japan are significantly different from housing in other countries, this is especially noticeable on the tiny "apartments"that have an area of 6 to 13 squares.
Японские малогабаритные квартиры имеют площадь от 6 до 13 кв. м.

Japanese small-sized apartments have an area from 6 to 13 sq. m.

Mysterious in every way Japan never ceases to amaze. And if the achievements in the development of high technologies causes the rapture, in the decision of housing problems alone bewilderment.

Стандартная японская квартира площадью 10 кв.м. | Фото: .

Standard Japanese apartment with an area of 10 sq. m. | Photo: .

Given the fact that in Japan real estate prices are just through the roof, developers have found a way out, and began to design apartments with area from ...6 m2. Moreover, such a slightly more residential apartments are in high demand and very satisfied young Japanese people, foreign visitors or lonely people.

В Японии странности начинаются у входной двери, которая, как правило, с очень низким проемом. | Фото:

In Japan the strangeness starts at the front door, which, as a rule, with very low opening. | Photo:

Even become the owner of such housing in Tokyo is considered a riding dreams, given that most can rent an apartment just to rent.

План малогабаритной квартиры размером в 6 татами (около 10 кв.м.) | Фото:

Plan small apartment with a size of 6 tatami mats (about 10 sq. m.) | Photo:

Interesting fact: the Area of housing in Japan is measured in tatami (Jo). Standard tatami has dimensions of 90×180 cm and is 1,62 m2. During the construction of decent housing for the urban planning rules for one person should have 6 tatami (10 m2). But in order to save these rules can be reduced, and then the apartment will have only 6 m2, but it will not even without a soul, (and many of us still complain that the kitchen in 5 "squares," it's hard to turn!).

Так выглядит гостиная, кабинет и спальня в квартире 10 кв. м. | Фото:

It looks like the living room, study and bedroom in the apartment of 10 sqm | Photos:

According to the editorial Novate.Ru if the family has two adults mid-career professionals, the apartment 30 m2 they can afford, but it's still too little compared to those European countries. Especially surprising is how their designers and engineers manage to distribute every millimeter of available space to accommodate everything you need to apartments with an area of 10 m2 was the most comfortable.

Ванная со стандартной комплектацией в малогабаритной японской квартире. | Фото:

Bathroom with standard equipment in a small Japanese apartment. | Photo:

If you look at the average apartment of this size, it can be seen that there is practically no partitions. Exceptions may be only a bathroom and toilet which is separated from the rest of the space a thin wall of drywall.

Японцы разработали многофункциональные ванные комнаты, в которых можно спрятать даже унитаз. | Фото:

The Japanese have developed a multifunctional bathroom, which can be hidden even to the toilet. | Photo:

Often these rooms are combined and are doing a wet area, thereby to save space. Especially since the Japanese to relax in the full sized tub is not accustomed, after a long time they bathe while sitting on a special chair in a small font that is similar to the familiar to us the shower, only with high sides.

Большинство японцев пользуется «умным» унитазом – «washlet». | Фото:

Most Japanese use "smart" toilet – "washlet". | Photo:

Special attention is given to the device of the toilet, which can be considered the top innovative achievements in plumbing. Since this site performs several different operations, it was equipped with electronics and is called "washlet" (cleaning toilet, intelligent toilet). This programmable device will not only warm up the seat, but also wash away the desired amount of water and even, sorry, tempted to sit on the toilet. The last action is possible if the design has built-in washlet bidet.

На крышке некоторых моделей «washlet» есть рукомойник. | Фото:

On the cover some models "washlet" is vanity. | Photo:

But that's not all, to save space and water cover on the toilet tank may serve as a washstand, so that in practicality, the Japanese should not compete and try.

Если машинку не удается пристроить в квартире, ее устанавливают на балконе. | Фото:

If the machine fails to attach in the apartment, it is set on the balcony. | Photo:


В новостройках Японии на общих балконах устанавливают рукомойники. | Фото:

In new Japan on common balconies, establish hand washing facilities. | Photo:

The biggest problem is installing the machines, which does not fit in tiny bathroom, especially if it's wet, then put it there anyway cannot be. So indispensable parked, where anyone can. By the way, in Japan the balconies in small apartments tiny sizes and not glazed.

Если повезет, то кухня может быть спрятана за перегородкой, но рабочей поверхности все равно не будет. | Фото:

If you're lucky, the kitchen can be hidden behind a partition, but the working surface is still no. | Photo:


Компактная кухня крошечной квартиры в Токио. | Фото:

The compact kitchen is a tiny apartment in Tokyo. | Photos:

Well, that's the most impressive moments in the arrangement ended given the fact that the food preparation areas, rest and sleep there are very few places. To save space in the kitchen area can completely be missing the work surface, instead of the usual conventional countertops use a cutting Board that is installed on the sink. And familiar to us gas stove either. In the best case, a one-or two-burner cooking surface, and fans for wind pies have a separate electric oven.

Зачастую в крошечных квартирах кухню прячут в шкаф, который закрывается задвижной или складывающейся дверью. | Фото:

Often in tiny apartments kitchen hidden in a cupboard which is closed with sliding or folding door. | Photo:

There are times when a particularly inventive owners in the quest to isolate the kitchen area to hide it in ...the closet. This mini-kitchen is equipped with only the most necessary equipment and furniture.

Если квартира с высокими потолками, то большинство японцев спальную зону устраивают на втором ярусе. | Фото:

If the apartment is with high ceilings, most of the Japanese arrange a sleeping area on the second tier. | Photo:

The remaining area of each draws as you can. If the apartment has high ceilings, a sleeping area, stand on the second tier, thus freeing up space under the living room that serves as entrance hall, dining room and study.

Так выглядит «спальня» в квартире площадью 8 кв. м. | Фото:

It looks like "bedroom" in the apartment with an area of 8 sq. m. | Photo:
Бывает и такое, что кровать перекрывает выход на балкон, поэтому жильцам приходится перелезать через нее. | Фото:

Sometimes it happens that the bed blocks the balcony, so residents have to climb over it. | Photo:

But this happiness is only available in the old housing stock, but the modern apartments make from quite low ceilings, so you have to buy multi-functional furniture that can be transformed to the desired object.

Если места совсем нет, то спят на футонах, которые днем прячут в шкаф или куда придется. | Фото:

If space is not there, then sleep on the futon that day hiding in the closet or anywhere. | Photo:

If no money on her, then set the bed, sofa or just lay out the mattress (traditional Japanese futon) on the floor, but then room for movement does not remain.

Стандартная квартира для студента площадью 6 кв.м. | Фото:

Standard apartment for the student with an area of 6 sq. m. | Photo:

Even worse, the owners or tenants of micro-apartments with an area of 6 m2, in their apartment in addition to Desk bed and toilet, nothing more fit. In these crumbs is usually student accommodation and these are quite satisfied, after all, is an individual area and the mess do not have to worry, because roommates certainly will not.

Даже такой квартире студенты очень рады. | Фото:

Even this apartment the students are very happy. | Photo:
В холодное время года японцы греются с помощью обогревателей или кондиционеров. | Фото:

In the cold season, the Japanese warm themselves with space heaters or air conditioners. | Photo:

And another unpleasant fact of life the Japanese – in their homes, no matter what size they may be, is completely absent heating. Each owner heat your living space as you can. Who installs air conditioners with heating function, who uses conventional heater, who finances allow and is not removable housing – mounts to the system "warm floor", and who just includes a plate on which cooking. In this matter, each for himself, and maintains a comfortable temperature on their financial capabilities.
No matter how surprised by the apartments of the Japanese, but it's still an individual housing, which does not humiliate human dignity.



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