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Income from rental real estate. How to pay taxes

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Today, many people give in rent to own real estate. But any income is a reason for the tax to take an interest in you.

Taxation for rental primarily depends on the status of the tenant. A tenant may be a legal person, natural person – entrepreneur (FLP) or just natural persons. "Ministry of Finance" considered both options.

The lessee – tax agent

Tax agent – a person who is you and your account transfers taxes to the budget.

If you rent your property to a legal entity or private entrepreneur, they will speak to you as tax agents. This means that to pay taxes on rental income, you don't need. Rent from a tax agent you will get a "clean" already deducted and paid your tax on income of individuals (rate 18%) and military training (of 1.5%).

At the same time, legal entity or private entrepreneur as a tax agent, is obliged to report to tax authorities on the amounts of income of the lessor and remitted to the budget of taxes (form No. 1DF with a sign of income "106").

That is, the tax will be aware of how much rent you received, and how much tax was paid.

The tenant is a natural person

It is quite another thing to take property. In this case, responsible for the calculation and payment (transfer) of taxes to the budget, is the landlord.

He will have to charge and pay taxes to the budget. This should be done within 40 calendar days after the end of the quarter. Amount paid during the year taxes recognised in annual tax Declaration.

That is, if you rent property in 2017, to file a tax return will have until may 1, 2018.

Four times a year, for 40 calendar days after the last day of the reporting (tax) quarter, you must:

• calculate income from rent;

• calculate the amount of taxes (personal income tax at the rate of 18% and military fee of 1.5%);

• in the tax at the place of registration to know the details for payment and make payment.

How to calculate

For example, you for 2017 rent an apartment in Kiev for UAH 5,000.

Personal income tax which need to pay for each month will amount to UAH 900 (UAH 5,000 x 18%), and military training 75 UAH (UAH 5000 x 1.5%).

At the same personal income tax in the amount of 2700 UAH (UAH 900 x 3 months), and military training 225 UAH (75 UAH x 3 months) to pay to:

• May 10 – for the first quarter;

• August 9 – accommodation for you for the quarter;

• November 9 – for the third quarter;

• and February 9, 2018 for the fourth quarter.

Until may 1, 2018, must submit the Declaration at his residence with copies of payslips.

According to "Ministry of Finance" data, despite regular appeals by the State fiscal service of Ukraine to declare the income received from renting of immovable property, the vast majority of owners are not going to pay taxes.

Fiscals do not consider separately how much citizens paid tax from the rent. Therefore, to penalize the defaulters to them is quite difficult. But if the landlord is caught in the hot, for illegal delivery of real estate can apply sanctions.

If the fact that informal housing delivery in rent is proven, the landlord will have to pay an administrative fine of from 51 to 136 UAH.

But that's not all. It is fine only for the tax return that was not filed or contained false information.

By themselves, unpaid taxes — object for the calculation of financial sanctions. Find out if the tax that you have paid tax for 1 month, you have to pay 10% of the unpaid tax. If three months is 20% and for a longer period you will be charged 50% of the hidden amount. And, of course, have to pay the very taxes plus penalties.

Опубликовано на 29 августа 2017, 17:10Source: Ministry Of Finance



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