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As playgrounds are transformed into architectural objects

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The quality of the surrounding architectural environment has a direct influence on the formation of aesthetic taste of the child. This convinced the architects, creating unique playgrounds for children. Space for games is not always a slide and a carousel, this is a real architectural objects and tourist attractions.

Property Times found the most unusual playgrounds of Europe.

"Crystal worlds Swarovski" in Tirol, Austria

Architectural, architecture office Snøhetta has developed the project of the unique playing space – games tower Swarovski Kristallwelten. The complex is located on the territory of the Museum of Swarovski in Wattens. The Museum of crystals is a real fairyland treasures. Therefore, the gaming space has been designed taking into account the architectural features of the Museum.


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Play area is a fully glass tower, which is on 4 levels there are various activities for children of all ages: rope Park, climbing wall, pools with balls, slides and tunnels. In addition to the tower near a garden maze in the shape of a palm.

Play area Boadilla del monte in Madrid, Spain

The authors of the project play areas Boadilla del monte – the Spanish architects Eduardo Novaliches and Casaba of Tarsali – the task was to integrate the play area into the slope area of 1 072 sq. m with parallel reconstruction of the existing Playground. In addition to outdoor activities, the architects decided to create a makeshift large games room – air and shaded.


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The result of the work of architects became the play area, which is a sequential change of play spaces. For the roof of the pavilion was used 3 mm polycarbonate sheet, it is possible to make the design safe and practical. The very same Playground designed with huge rubber hills.

"Bird cage" in Gothenburg, Sweden

"The birdcage" at the amusement Park Liseberg – project of the Danish Studio Monstrum, which specializiruetsya on creating unique playgrounds with a focus on artistic and architectural component.


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The name of the Liseberg looks like a three bird cages, connected by transitions-bridges. Inside the "cells" many different activities for children and, as the authors argue, for adults. Rope and wooden ladders, networks, transitions in the form of tunnels, round mirrors, as in these avian cells. The highlight of the gaming sector – 18-foot enclosed slide, which can move both children and adults. The project was a continuation of Victorian gardens, Liseberg.

"Mountain adventures" in Beringen, Belgium

The team of architectural Bureau and Carve Omgeving and the contractor – the company Krinkels, won the international competition for the development of an adventure play space. The project is a recreation of industrial area. The architects transformed a 60-foot embankment in a new public space.

The leitmotif of the "Mountains of adventure" has become industrial heritage. The complex consists of three thematic parts, which symbolize the unity of the past and present. A forest of wooden pillars – a symbol of mine piles, "coal" square on top of the mountain, and the ridge of the ensemble – stairs in the center of the mountain.


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The higher you get the harder the level of obstruction. To overcome the mountain, need mutual support and revenue – the qualities that were pertinent to mine workers.

"Mountain adventure" shows how industrial space can be turned into a successful tourist and recreation project.

Author: Irina Nastic



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