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Globalization is not scary. Understand what to prepare hotel business

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Soon the hotel will cease to be a place of settlement and residence. That is why hoteliers should think the needs for which it is preferable to spend the money: whether to allocate them to the salary of the administrator, or better to buy a new mattress.

Глобализация — это не страшно. Разбираемся, к чему готовиться гостиничному бизнесу

Andrew Marinchuk, Executive Director of Ribas Hotels Group shared with us predictions about the impact of global factors on the functioning of the hotel business.

Functions of modern hotel can be divided into two components: the guest and service. The first means what is going to us guest: to rest, to sleep, to sleep.

For service parts in greater detail. So, what self-respecting hotel provides to the guest, in addition to a comfortable bed?

  • The Concierge service. It includes taxi or ground transportation, ordering food, service, table reservation, organization of meetings. On the market that was in demand, as a foreign guest was not familiar with the format and specifics of such services in our country. Early transfers or taxis were the main items of additional income in the hotels. But with the advent of global companies such as Uber, the need to transfer anymore. Hotels already do not receive income from providing these services.
  • Room-service. Delivery of food and other goods in the room. A guest who may not like the food in the restaurant at the hotel, will prefer to order it from other places with shipping. No one will forbid him to do so. Why, then, keep the staff for room service? Because the guest can see ratings of restaurants, reviews of other visitors. It is quite logical that the guest will want to try food establishments that are recommended by other people in this town, and not to limit the range of dishes from the hotel restaurant. That is, the hotel, in this case, acts only as an administrator.

Multifunctional administrator

Right now the mobile app on the whole world to create a revolution in the service sector. Take for example the Spanish startup Glovo, which is appreciated in many developed countries. In the year of its launch in 2015 he was awarded a prize by Google for mobile innovation in retail service. This is no accident. The app allows you to see the menu of all restaurants in a certain location of the city. It can be a free Breakfast of any place in the room. And it does not need to involve an administrator, a cook, waiter and other hotel staff. You can order not only from restaurants, and shops. The program works on almost all languages. UberEats and Glovo — global players who are not just a courier. These programs become an assistant hotel.

Глобализация в гостиничном бизнесе

Parallel to the Ukrainian market will enter another global player — car-sharing. In many European countries at airports assign a huge area companies who are engaged exclusively in leasing electric cars.

Moreover, the ordering of goods and services can also be done through a global company. Earlier in the framework of the room service was the booking of train tickets to or concert. Now every banking provides a Concierge service of the order.

Do not forget about these global players like Aviasales, Wizz Air, Thus, it becomes evident that the phone becomes the administrator of our guest, not a hotel employee.

This, of course, affects the state. For anybody not a secret that the wage Fund (PAYROLL) is one of the most significant parts of the expenditure within the income. You need to think not whether to optimize the cost of PAYROLL, as the margin in Ukrainian hotels is reduced.

To be or not to be?...

Already operate automated systems that allow a lot of manipulation without an administrator. But this is a working platform. As soon as they enlist the trust of entrepreneurs, the need for administrators to simply disappear. While there is a perception that people want to work with people because I trust them. So why not trust him within the system of globalization? After all, we trust the taxi driver, checking his rating in Uber. We worry about the food and its quality, after reading other people's reviews. Easier to get new emotions in other places than trying to unify them in one place.

For these functions, too. But this is not a hotel person. The administrator can give the review the rating of all restaurants nearby as it will make the people who visited them. Who do you trust: one person's opinion or recommendation of the hundreds or thousands of people?

In the framework of the big hotels to have two main functions: the settlement (registration, payment) and eviction. Almost everything up to the moment of arrival at the hotel: choose a room to see book — guest can do through the booking. The service has long assumed this role.

His Majesty — A Dream

The good news is that the hotel service will be eternal. Because people will always be the need for sleep. Here we come to the question of why many hoteliers will face a choice of where to allocate funds. The fact is that hotels will be assessed not by what the Wallpaper on the walls or what kind of food on the plates. The main criterion of a good hotel is how it was a dream.

It is now important to focus on those services that remain within the hotel. Is sleep and hygiene. The object of hospitality will be considered only in the context of the comfort of using the bathroom and the room itself. Silence, control of entry of light, hypoallergenic materials will be the priority of the guests.


On this basis, we should expect a reformation of the star. Therefore, there will be new scale of measurement of basic parameters. For example, a 4-star hotel will be determined not by the presence of additional infrastructure, and quite different criteria.

In addition, in the framework of globalization in developed countries already connected the city to the emergency numbers. After all, people can become bad, and in my own apartment. Unified technologies help to define a single format of dialing for example, 911 and assist the victim. In this regard, can be considered a niche, which in Ukraine is not globalized. For example, there is now a global player in the market for booking.

One card for all occasions

It turns out that the administrator is needed only in case that becomes bad. The main its function for the hotel will be carrying out calculations. As you know, Apple has created a single Bank and virtual credit card — Apple Card. Every country in the world, there are banks. Apple offers to have one card for all countries. And all the money transfer in a virtual format. In America, as you know, cash almost never use. Ukraine recently joined the list of countries actively using ApplePay.


Одна кредитка на все случаи жизни

Reallocation of funds within the framework of a profitable part of not so long ago looked like this: there was more cash and a little clearing. Now about 70% of revenues come via Bank transfer. People began to travel only with a credit card, they don't need cash, currency exchange. If you think about it, reception is in the hotel just for the sake of making the payment of 30% of the guests. 70% of transactions can already produce offline. Many hotels do a preauthorization in the framework of write-offs.

Global companies have only begun active expansion of this initiative. They understand that people do not want to download several applications. They want to have on your phone is one thing, but hyperfunctional.


Two years later, 100% of payments will take place by Bank transfer. For administrators will only check in and check out, ensuring the feeling of comfort and positive emotions for most locations. Hoteliers prefer to spend money on architecture, and not to think about the needs of the staff.

The time of stay will also be reduced. Suppose a person came for a week, spent three days and learned that in the days that followed the rains will pour. He leaves, as this will affect his vacation. Let's add that modern airlines are trying to reduce the cost of your flights. For 50 Euro you can be in Berlin, stay a couple of days and leave.


Глобализация — это не страшно. Разбираемся, к чему готовиться гостиничному бизнесу

Hotels need to very quickly adapt to the new format of travel. We already fix the decline in demand for long trips. People simply do not have that much time. They willingly go somewhere for three days than 12 days. After all, during this period, you can see 4 countries instead of one.

The business will be split into two formats: the solution to pain and receiving emotions. For example, the hotels decide the pain is in the consumer of the physiology of sleep. But it must be emotion.

"Uncomfortable" is just a word

Recently, the concentration of receiving emotions in the service was closed at the administrator level: how quickly he'd call a cab, which will advise concert, etc. Today, the guest receives emotions from the hotel itself: how comfortable the mattress is, how functional the room as it is quiet.

The analysis of opinions about hotels shows which options operate guests. Mostly "gently/firmly", "quiet/loud", "clean/dirty", "the staff is surprised/not surprised". But guests can obtain this result without resorting to assistance from an administrator.

"Uncomfortable" is just a word. It means the unwillingness to learn something new. The essence of the automated systems that almost all processes are generated by the machine. It will be another aspect of hotels cooperation with new partners. In the near future the owners of the hotel business will appeal to those who effectively optimizes their processes. Who needs standards, if there is no staff? You can take an active part in the loyalty program, which operates in every country of the world. Already will not need discounts. Then rivalry is among the companies that have provided these opportunities and those that did not. Guess who's in the lead?


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