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commercial property for sale
14.05.2019 Sale, Current business Kharkiv city, Slobodsky

Sell ready business The current business is a rental business - Autonomous office sq 235 sq m, class E with tenants, long lease, stable rental income. Autonomous office, located on t...

140 000 $ Lot № 154
the sale of the building
Best Price
11.03.2019 Sale, Separate building Kharkiv city, Novobavarsky

Smart accommodation in Kharkiv Selling building complex in Kharkiv Area 4672 sq m, situated on the street Konev in Kharkov. The building is located in the Central part of the c...

650 000 $ Lot № 153
05.03.2019 Rent, Production Kharkiv city, Nemyshlyansky

Rent floor of the building Non-residential premises square 935 sq m located on Akademika Pavlova str (start), R-n 15 hospitals. The premises are located in 2 floors, with private ent...

2 115 $/month Lot № 152
20.09.2018 Sale, Office Kharkiv city, Shevchenkovsky

Selling non-residential premises, office, shop, hospitality The object of real estatelocated in a newly built modern residential complex "River Town", Shevchenko district, St. Peace. Locat...

30 000 $ Lot № 151
Best Price
19.09.2018 Rent, Office Kharkiv city, Shevchenkovsky

Long term rental an office building For rent: detached, front, 3-storey building, 2009, p, in the Shevchenko district on the street Klochkovskaya (near the shutter Klochkova, former descen...

14 000 $/month Lot № 150
buy commercial property
Best Price
25.05.2018 Sale, Separate building Kharkiv city, Moscowsky

Smart accommodation in Kharkiv The sale of the building under the shopping center, shopping center, Studio apartments Kharkov The building is located in the Central district, a major...

1 170 000 $ Lot № 147
Commercial real estate Kharkiv
26.04.2018 Sale, Other Kharkiv city, Moscowsky

Selling non-residential premises part of the building, 2 floors area of 935 sq. m, Moscow district, street of Academician Pavlov, R-n Mall French Boulevard. To the building 2 entranc...

360 000 $ Lot № 146
26.04.2018 Sale, Production Kharkiv city, Nemyshlyansky

Selling part of the building into the medical center, services, sports club, trade, Kharkiv Sold part of the building, 935 m2, the Moscow district, St.Saltovka, St. Pavlov. 15 min walking...

400 000 $ Lot № 145
the sale of office building in Kharkov
24.04.2018 Sale, Separate building Kharkiv city, Kievsky

Sale of office buildings in the historical centre of Kharkov The object of commercial real estate located in the city center of Kharkov in close proximity to the active urban highways, Sum...

1 500 000 $ Lot № 144
24.04.2018 Sale, Separate building Kharkiv city, Shevchenkovsky

Selling an office building near metro center in Kharkov The object of the office real estate located in the historical center of the city, Shevchenkovskiy district, metro station Historica...

300 000 $ Lot № 143
24.04.2018 Sale, Separate building Kharkiv city, Shevchenkovsky

Selling detached building in the center of Kharkov A detached building, Shevchenkivskyi district, equidistant from highways Sumskaya, Klochkovskaya str., located in Rymarskaya street. The ...

1 000 000 $ Lot № 142
01.03.2018 Sale, Current business Kharkiv city, Nemyshlyansky

Commercial property for sale - sports complex, gym, fitness Non-residential premises 180 sq. sq. m, located in the basement of a 9-storey brick house, built in 2007, represent operating bu...

63 000 $ Lot № 140


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