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Building a free appointment area of 843 square meters, Tankopiya str., Kharkiv

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145 000 $ Lot №: 139
Palace of Sports
Year built
Wall material
Without renovation
Сentral heating


Building for sale in Kharkiv

Sold separately standing building (the functional purpose of an office, café/restaurant), Slobodskoy district, New Homes, Tankopiya str. The building is located along the highway, street Tankopiya, surrounded by residential development and adjacent industrial areas (garages, repair bays, workshops). The adjoining land of about 20 acres, the lease..

The building is 2-storey, 80-ies of buildings, brick walls, floors W/W plates, Parking in front and around the building.

Distance to:

  • PR. Lev Landau – 1.8 km (23 min)
  • Metro Sports Palace – 0.8 km (11 min)
  • Subway to them. O. S. Masalskaja – 3.4 km (40min)

Brought to the building utilities: water, sewer, gas, heating, electricity (80 kW) from the city network, signed all contracts with utility companies. Technical condition - satisfactory. On each floor lavatories.

Construct buildings: mesh colon 6x6m, joists, concrete slab, ceiling height of 3M.

The presence of the residential area, transport accessibility, developed infrastructure, allow us to use the building as an object of wholesale trade, for business, catering company, under the medical center, field services, training centre, sports club, pastry/food/clothing production.

Cost-effective reconstruction of the building into apartments are economy-class or appartments-Studio (Seating type).



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