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Warehouse complex square 9171м2, ZU 2.98 hectares, ramp, p. Bezlyudivka, Kharkiv.

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1 500 000 $ Lot №: 105
Gagarin Avenue
Year built
Wall material


The complex of buildings. Production, warehouse, sales

Offered for sale is the object warehouse, a total area of 9171.5 square meters, located in Kharkiv, Osnovyansko district, St Dragomirovskaya (p. Bezludovka), and middle suburbs.

Urban village Bezliudivka adjacent to the border of the city of Kharkov, at a distance of 3-4 km is the village of zhikhar', SMT. Vasyshcheve, SMT. Khoroshevo. The village has a recreation zone, an industrial zone, a few sand pits. Near and through the village are a few train lines, station and Platform Udyanskaya 5 km.
Distance to:

  • Kharkiv international airport – 2.6 km
  • Kharkov ring road - 5 .0 km
  • Simferopol highway - 3.19 km

The property was originally built as a manufacturing and warehouse manufacturing and warehousing of pharmaceutical products, 1984 of construction. The territory is fenced, guarded. Today the warehouse is conserved, providing security and maintaining the base in a satisfactory condition.


  • Heating – own boiler, gas.
  • Electricity - its substation, capacity of 600kw.
  • Sewerage – cesspool.
  • Water – well.
  • A pumping station.


  • In production and warehouse building 2 freight Elevator.
  • Warehouse building is equipped with truck ramp.
  • Runs along the land plot Osnovyansko railway branch of the southern railway.

Land square of the order of 2.98 hectares in the property.

The owner is a legal entity in the form of company.
Description of the buildings.
1. Nonresidential construction, lit. A-3, industrial-warehouse appointment, PL 4516.6m2, 3 storeys, built in 1984, concrete Foundation, walls – panels, overlappings ferro-concrete, ceiling height 1st floor - 4.55 m, 2nd floor – 4.6 m, 3rd floor – 4.6 m, column type, two freight Elevator. Communications - heating, water, Sewerage, electricity.
2. Nonresidential construction , lit. B-1, PL 1631.2M2, single-Storey building, 1984, n, basement – concrete, walls – brick, overlappings – reinforced concrete, electricity, water, Sewerage, heating - boiler, ceiling height - 6m, car ramp.
3. Nonresidential construction , lit. In-1, PL. 843.5M2, single Storey building , 1984.n, basement – concrete, walls –brick, overlappings –reinforced concrete, electricity, water, Sewerage, heating –boiler. Room height is 4 m. the Functional purpose garages with inspection pit, workshop.
4. Non-residential premises , lit. G-1, PL 1882.7m2, Storeroom hall, 1984 G. p., Foundation – concrete, walls –the metal ceiling – metal, floors – concrete, Electricity. Room height: 8.1 m, room charger.
5. Non-residential premises, lit. D-1, density 100.7m2, single-Storey boiler house, 1984 n, basement – concrete, walls – brick, overlappings – reinforced concrete, there is electricity, water, sewer, gas, boiler. Ceiling height - 3.4 m
6. Non-residential premises, lit. E-1, PL 96.3M2, one-storeyed building of transformer substation, 1988, p, Bethany Foundation, walls –brick, overlappings – reinforced concrete, there is electricity. Ceiling height of 3.2 m.
7. Non-residential premises, lit. W-1, PL 100.5M2, single Storey pump house, Foundation – concrete, walls – brick, there is electricity, heating –the boiler.





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