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Commercial real estate in Kharkov

The website is created as a Catalog of the commercial real estate in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region, Ukraine. It is an effective tool for the selection of objects for later purchase, rent, investment.

Convenient search system, current proposals for the sale of shops, offices, warehouses, operating businesses and other commercial property that makes the website appealing to everyone who needs to purchase commercial real estate.


Such service as rent of commercial real estate in Kharkiv is in great demand because in today's market conditions it is much more profitable for entrepreneurs to temporarily use the room, rather than have it owned. Today's offerings of the real estate websites (Kharkiv) are considered below.


What is commercial real estate


By and large, commercial real estate (Kharkiv) can be any kind of objects which are periodically or permanently used for commercial purposes. For example, owners perform the sale of non-residential property for offices, garages, warehouses, marketplaces, operations facilities, hotel complexes, etc.

That is, in fact, in Kharkiv, the sale/purchase of commercial real estate is carried out in four areas:

  • for offices,
  • for retail spaces,
  • for warehouses,
  • for production departments.

However, the sale/purchase of commercial real estate includes also the acquisition of appertaining land plots, ponds, and other types of property of natural origin that belong or are officially assigned to the selected object.


The main differences


Any commercial property in the city of Kharkiv is fundamentally different from residential purpose property by a number of features and requirements on the performance criteria. Depending on these aspects and types of the commercial real estate the price is set at the market standards level. In turn, for individual enterprises, it often turns out to be unfeasible or not profitable for the business as a whole. Therefore, in most cases, the preference is given to rent.

In practice, sales of the commercial real estate in Kharkiv is performed only in two cases:

  1. when a business goes "under the hammer",
  2. when the firm (enterprise) completely ceases to exist.

It is noteworthy that rates for the commercial real estate in Kharkiv are often much lower than the real value in the case of an urgent "sale" of the commercial property. Therefore, many buyers consider this opportunity as a great chance to get the object at disposal on profitable conditions.


How to properly look for the appropriate object


To find the optimal premises for business to rent or buy, use the offers of the portal where you can find all the information: prices, commercial real estate, sale, lease and other information about the objects, located in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region.

Continuous updating of data increases significantly the perspective to quickly find the desired variant and reliable seller!

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