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Rental business in Kharkov! OK, you finally decided what specific current business, would like to buy ... It's great! What's next?
Before you make an offer to the Seller, remember that we are talking not only about the price of a business. There are other details of the sale, which should be considered very carefully, except for the price!
Here is a small list of considerations:
1) Price business
2) settlement date
3) List of equipment / inventory (fixtures, furniture, materials and other)
4) Unfinished business
5) Due Diligence analysis
6) renting (Selling) premises/ Transfer / Update /Confirm/
7) Employees and their contracts, benefits
8) Debtors and creditors
9) Intellectual Property
10) Suppliers and contractors
11) Clients and databases
12) of the Vehicle – technical condition and registration
13) Franchise - if applicable
14) Domain names, web sites and e - mail

When you buy existing business, they are basic, but depending on the business, not the only one. I would suggest you seek professional legal advice to ensure that you have provided.Business contracts are complex, and if you don't get professional advice, You can make costly mistakes that are difficult to fix.

For information about buying or selling a business or if you are looking for professionals to advertise and sell your business, evaluate business value, visit our website Phone +38 067 975 6611 consultant. Professionals will help you buy/sell a business and then documented to make a deal. You can still apply by mail to:
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05.10.2017 Sale, Current business Kharkiv city, Osnovjanskiy

Продажа доходной недвижимости. Продается 2-х этажное отдельно стоящее здание, 1971 гожа постройки, пл. 2293 кв. м, расположено в Основянском районе Харькова, на пересечении магистралей пр....

480 000 $ Lot № 133
to buy office
Best Price
13.09.2017 Sale, Current business Kharkiv city, Nemyshlyansky

Selling commercial premises, office, gym, warehouse Room office service center, Kamyshlinsky district, St. Olympic, New Homes Location object – a housing estate with New Homes, chara...

65 000 $ Lot № 130
22.06.2017 Sale, Current business Kharkiv city, Shevchenkovsky

Existing business, selling an office building with tenants Modern 2-storey buildingarea of 478 square meters (including basement sumps, which is fully used for commercial activity), detach...

200 000 $ Lot № 114
22.06.2017 Sale, Current business Kharkiv city, Osnovjanskiy

Deistvui business. Beauty salon. Sale. Kharkov. Operating business, a beauty salon class "Lux", 9 years of existence, developed regular client base, qualified personnel, fully equipped. Go...

150 000 $ Lot № 109


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