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Commercial real estate in Kharkov, in the segment of lease and sale presented by the objects of all formats (classes), with the exception of the malls: shopping centers ( Mall ), shopping centers ( Mall ), shop, hypermarket, supermarket, discounter, shop of the goods of daily demand (shop at home), a specialized store.
Main pricing factors in the segment of commercial real estate Kharkiv: format (class) of the object, location, area, technical condition, visual and transport accessibility, pedestrian and vehicular traffic, commodity group, Parking.

In the structure proposals for the formats of trading objects as the segment sales and leasing segment, the most widely represented area in shopping centers. Also available for rent sections of different size.
The segment sales are dominated by detached buildings 1st floors of residential and administrative buildings.

07.11.2017 Sale, Shop / salon Kharkiv city, Shevchenkovsky

Sold non-residential premises on the 1st floor of 16-storey residential complex elite class (number of apartments 80) area of 678 sq. m, located at: Kharkov, ul Sickle, Shevchenkivskiy district....

678 000 $ Lot № 136
24.06.2017 Sale, Shop / salon Kharkiv city, Kholodnogorsky

Shop, Rozhdestvenskaya street (Suzdal series), city center, 100 m TC Central market, 1 / 3 FL. home. Located in the commercial corridor (supermarket of home appliances, showroom, shopping center...

350 000 $ Lot № 107
22.06.2017 Sale, Shop / salon Kharkiv city, Kievsky

Shopping center. Magazines. Supermarket. Sale. Kharkov The Mall is located on one of the 6 Central streets of Kharkov – Shevchenko St., on a plot of 0.8 hectares, which connects the city c...

1 600 000 $ Lot № 112


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