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Selling / buying land plots for commercial purposes in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region.

If You are planning to sell or buy land for commercial purposes (for construction of shop, office, building, warehouse, industrial, assignment, or other object for business), You need the services of a professional consultant.

The land legislation of Ukraine, today, are in the process of transformation and change. Information about land for sale in media, are often not reliable or informative enough. It is important to obtain current information about the land law, the characteristics of the land step-by-step schemes, sample documents, answers to most common questions.

To help solve these issues can only specialists in the field of land law, who work on outsourcing with entities of the real estate market. This:



3.Professional participants (realtors, appraisers, developers, brokers, builders, designers, architects, etc.)

4.Public organizations

5.Public authorities

6. – the Internet (databases, presentations, advertising)

For the success of the business project of construction or reconstruction of commercial property on the land, it is important to have:

  • Local analysis of land
  • Analysis of the infrastructure
  • Environmental analysis
  • Legal aspects, including the purpose and category of land
  • Specifications (electricity, water, Sewerage, gas pipeline

Current offer on land for sale can be found on the website


04.08.2017 Sale, Land Kharkiv city, Osnovjanskiy

Production estate. Sale. Kharkov. The plot of 1.3 hectares, production facilities located in Osnovaniyam area of Kharkov, St. Sidorenkova. The territory is isolated, enclosed concrete fenc...

399 000 $ Lot № 127
28.07.2017 Sale, Land Kharkiv city, Moscowsky

The land for construction of residential apartments, sale The site is located in the Central district, residential area Saltov, street Guardsmen shironintsev. Purpose – the construction of...

330 000 $ Lot № 124
16.06.2017 Sale, Land Kharkiv city, Kievsky

Land for commercial purposes. Trade. Office. Sale. Kharkov. The site is located in the Kiev administrative district street Les Serdyuk, front, direction Lipsy. Land without buildings area ...

250 000 $ Lot № 123


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