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Selling of individual buildings of free destination in Kharkiv.

The supply in the office real estate market of Kharkov is represented by premises class A, b, C, D and E.

Office building class A and b are represented as objects of new construction and office buildings of a class With higher proficiency after complete reconstruction.

The majority of objects of office appointment in Kharkov, be office space class C, D and E.

Office buildings of class C and D are mostly administrative buildings, industrial enterprises, various design institutes and research institutes, buildings educational institutions hotels of the Soviet period who have undergone complete or partial renovation. Such buildings are characterized by the lack of high-tech communications and modern systems of service.

The building research Institute have a good location, high ceilings, office planning, insufficient number of Parking spaces for cars. Reconstructed commercial and industrial buildings, as a rule, are characterized by high technical characteristics (high electrical power, high ceilings, high load floor), sufficient adjacent territory and a large car Park.

Class D is represented by a small area of free-standing buildings and mansions built for commercial use, after a complete or partial reconstruction and re-constructed.

Class office buildings be redeveloped with apartments on the first floors of residential houses as well as premises consisting of residential complexes. It is not only a retail space, and service business and offices that focus on permanent clients (Bank branches, branches of insurance companies, offices of a notary, lawyer, etc.).

At this stage of development of a segment of office real estate market of Kharkiv, namely individual buildings, dominated by the demand for refurbishment and/or redevelopment under:

  • Office
  • Medical center
  • Cateringove company
  • Housing economy class, Studio apartment
  • School
  • Supermarket
  • Sports club, fitness centre
  • Mini hotel
  • The object of wholesale trade (warehouse)
  • Food production
  • Garment manufacturing, shop


Found: 13
commercial property for sale
Best Price
09.11.2017 Sale, Separate building Kharkiv city, Slobodsky

Building for sale in Kharkiv Sold separately standing building (the functional purpose of an office, café/restaurant), Slobodskoy district, New Homes, Tankopiya str. The building is locate...

145 000 $ Lot № 139
08.11.2017 Sale, Separate building Kharkiv city, Kholodnogorsky

The sale of the building under renovation in Kharkiv. Sold by the former administrative building, Holodnogorsko district, metro South station, Lozovskaya str. (facade on Bolshaya Born form...

1 020 500 $ Lot № 138
06.10.2017 Sale, Separate building Kharkiv city, Osnovjanskiy

BUILDING FOR SALE IN KHARKIV Location object – a housing estate Gagarin Ave., is characterized by the presence of houses business and economy class, a well-developed infrastructure ( super...

480 000 $ Lot № 134
28.07.2017 Sale, Separate building Kharkiv city, Kievsky

A building for Bank, office, medical center. Selling For sale 2-storey, detached building, commissioning 1998, with a dedicated land plot of 0.06 hectares (private property), administrativ...

1 000 000 $ Lot № 125
22.06.2017 Sale, Separate building Kharkiv city, Kievsky

Office building. House. Hotel. Sale. Kharkov. The facility under construction (30%) office center Executive class, on a land of 0.31 hectares, the lease. Neo, historical center, St. Manize...

1 500 000 $ Lot № 111
22.06.2017 Sale, Separate building Kharkiv city, Kievsky

Sale of the building under the business (office, shopping center, Gostinitsa, entertainment) Office building is located in the historic centre of Kharkov, Pushkinskaya str., Kiev district....

951 000 $ Lot № 108
22.06.2017 Sale, Separate building Kharkiv city, Kievsky

Sale. The building is under renovation Kharkov. Center. Detached building (former engineering laboratory building), located in the historical center of Kharkov, with the possibility of con...

400 000 $ Lot № 113
21.06.2017 Sale, Separate building Kharkiv city, Osnovjanskiy

Office building. Training center. School. Sale. Kharkov. Office building, Osnovyansko R-n, street Shota Rustaveli, metro Sports, the Defenders of Ukraine, Gagarin Ave. - about 900m. ...

480 000 $ Lot № 120
21.06.2017 Sale, Separate building Kharkiv city, Kievsky

Office building. Bank. School. Sale. Kharkov. Functional office 3-storey building, reconstruction 2012, Kiev R-n, historic center, metro station PL.The Constitution, Civil str. Two entranc...

814 000 $ Lot № 119
21.06.2017 Sale, Separate building Kharkiv city, Moscowsky

Sale. Sewing shop, manufacturing, warehouse, medical centre Sale of part of the building, 935 m2, the Moscow district, St.Saltovka, St. Pavlov. In 15 min walking distance of metro A. metro...

400 000 $ Lot № 117
21.06.2017 Sale, Separate building Kharkiv city, Osnovjanskiy

Sale. Building. Kharkov. Detached building is located on a plot of 0.63 ha area of 1814 m2, Osnovyansko district (former chervonozavodsky), Moscow Avenue, centre, Kiev. The building ...

1 500 000 $ Lot № 116
21.06.2017 Sale, Separate building Kharkiv city, Kholodnogorsky

Selling the building for business in Kharkiv. Detached, front, 4 floor building, 1988.p, Holodnogorsko R-n, street Kacarska, (center), Kharkiv. Ideal for IT Park. The area of high business...

27 392 000 $ Lot № 121


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